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Design Theory

We want our views feel more responsive, acknowledging to the user that they are functional. In addition, we want the action to be cancellable if the user decides against their action after they touched down. This allows users to make quicker decisions since they can perform actions in parallel with thought.

What are fluid interfaces?

A fluid interface might also be called fast, smooth, natural, or magical. It’s a frictionless experience that just feels right.

The WWDC presentation talks about fluid interfaces as “an extension of your mind” and “an extension of the natural world”. An interface is fluid when it behaves according to the way people think, not the way machines think.

What makes them fluid?

Fluid interfaces are responsive, interruptible, and redirectable.


Swift Package Manager

Right now InteractiveView is only supported via swift package manager. You can also install it manually.


  • Set the class of your UIVIew in xib or storyboard as InteractiveView and make it fluid interactive.

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InteractiveView is licensed under MIT.

For more details visit the LICENSE file for more info.


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